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a Network, a   Community on Line. Work with others for the Common Good & A Better World. Challenge & Expose Fraud & Corruption. REPORT criminal activities as YOU ARE duty bound to do. Do so in the Public Domain. Name all Public Servants who act in contempt of Parliament's Law Consider the ruling we point you to and ask: "WHAT BE THE OVERALL AIM OF OUR INTENTIONS, for publishing such truths and realities as we report and expose and as the victims of abusers of Public Office experience?

Publish your Statement of Facts and the Evidence you have. Use your rights in law (link) and ACT with others against the offenders. Join in a class action.

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JOIN the Community On Line and publish your Statement of Facts and the Evidence you have. Use your rights in law (*Link) & ACT with others against the offenders. It is in the victims' interest to work with and for each other's successes through the mass of evidence. All can benefit by creating the data of common practices, as  in the member's case  you can access details of, as we invite you, below.

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ACCESS a member's case as registered in June 2002 at the European Court of Human Rights. THE FACTS and THE VIOLATIONS as pleaded by us should be compared with your own experiences. Point to the submitted work by using the links we provide you here. If you refer to or copy the work, ensure that you do qualify the source of the intellectual property. READ of the latest CHALLENGES & EXPOSURES necessitated after the childish assertions by persons who allegedly serve 'Justice'.   (ABDUCTED and raped daily by the very public servants). IF YOU wish to know of why and what is behind it all and the FOUNDATIONS for the rampant abuse of the legal systems in CIVILISED(?) democracies(!) that allegedly rest and are founded on LAW and ORDER YOU MUST access the new site.

ACCESS the member's site for additional information and how solicitors and courts did act in contempt of the LAW.

Join in the creation of the mass of evidence against the offending public servants. It will support actions you and others can instigate jointly and or severally. We cover In our pages such rights, & the laws breached and violated by the state through the public servants who defraud citizens of their rights in law and their assets / properties. Access the relevant page and consider our invitation and your rights.

Access from here, and join Andrew Yiannides at: if, as a victim you wish to challenge, EXPOSE abusers of trust & public office / facilities


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  • We remind visitors, readers & researchers that, to all intends and purposes, the United Kingdom is proclaimed to be the mother of modern Parliamentary Democracies.
  • The uninitiated are invited to access the basic principles upon which any genuine Democracy should be founded and rest. (*Link to the founding principles as agreed by 3 authorities, lecturers in law)
  • We have been pointing to the very principles for decades and in particular to the list pointed to from the above paragraph as of 1998, when the first website was set up by Mr. Andrew Yiannides at (NOTE: The ISP was chosen because of the telephone numbers it used and uses for clients to connect to its servers).
  • All evil-mongering fraudsters club recruits who engaged and engage in all manner of assaults and slanderous assertions about the founder of human-rights, were / are invited to access  Mr. Andrew Yiannides' words to some of his students, in 1963, on the principles upon which any genuine Democracy should be founded and rest, as he had seen it from his student days in the early part of the 1950's. [*Link from here [*L] to the words in the quotes page]

Below Exchanges & Essential Evidence Pertaining to FRAUD ON & CORRUPTION OF Society in the Republic of Haringey (the land of Milk & Honey, as sold to the influx of asylum seekers by the media Barons and their lap-dogs). Everything organised & arranged by abusers of Public Office for the entrenchment of the New World Order Code of Morals & Ethics.

The response below (and images on the right) was warranted after one Adam James wrote to Mr Andrew Yiannides, consequential to failings and contemptuous arrogance by Haringey Council Officers who were / are responsible for the relentless abuse of public office and the facilities at the disposal of such abusers who allegedly act as Servants of the public : Public Servants.

NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH, when one considers the activities from within such institutions as the Republic of Haringey. Readers, researchers and visiting victims of the practice we cover, should access the pages we point to in the response, below, AFTER READING of the material facts researched by the late Stephen Knight during the period when Mr Andrew Yiannides was investigating and looking into the criminal activities IMPOSED ON THE CITIZENS by the legal circles and abusers of judicial chair occupation ALL THE WAY TO THE COURT OF APPEAL in the early 1970's.

Use of grey matter is called for, and thinkers can then work things out for themselves. The reckless failings, the convenient defaults and the PROMOTED LIES by alleged officers of justice (the law : police men and police women) must be considered alongside the blunt intimidation and threats, by the police, to the victims of crime. Such realities go a long way towards establishing much in support of Mr Andrew Yiannides' conclusions back in the early part of the 1970's [*Link from here [*L] to the HomePage for the founder's words].  It is especially blunt and most arrogant, when abusers of judicial chair occupation also indulge as they please in order to impose on 'the targeted serfs', for any number of reasons and pre-scripted scenarios, the scenarios and scripts invariably, if not always, organised and sustained through and by alleged servants of the public and the law.

Below, image of the letter sent on behalf of Mr. Paul Ellicott, Head of Benefits and Taxation at Haringey Council. The letter, as received from Mr. Adam James, 'benefited' from an appropriate response, including the decision to publish much more in the public domain and to put on notice the offending abusers of public office.

On the right, image of, a letter received from the Head of Benefits & Local Taxation at Haringey Council, a Local Authority mismanaged by apparently unaccountable (to the electorate / citizens) persons who indulge as they please and as others who similarly act allow / entertain in the execution of their purported public duties and services to the ill-informed & ill-educated serfs, the taxpayers. [*Link to rights & obligations of citizens in any properly constituted Democratic state].

  • The officer responsible used a junior, one Adam James for the purposes of the Council's response to an explicit communication from Mr. Andrew Yiannides, the elder brother and acting Agent for Mrs. Despina Englezakis. The aforesaid fax/letter the abusers of public office relegated to the trash can as if of no consequence and or of no relevance to the gods operating out of Haringey Council. [*Link from here to the explicit letter delivered to Mr. George Meehan, the Council's chamber Leader in June 1999].
  • Mrs D. Englezakis was the targeted, for special treatment serf, as arranged between officers and staff of Haringey Council soon after the bereaved mother* [*L], rented accommodation to an asylum seeker from Colombia, and to a young couple.
  • The rented properties had been in a terrible state and these were attended to by Mrs. Despina Englezakis, with assistance from her brother, Andrew Yiannides.
  • The essential work was called for because the properties were not fit for human habitation, as a result of the arrangements and the states in which Mr Sotirios N Englezakis 'organised' for them, through various devices and inexcusable promotions as to his inability to deal with the problems others allegedly created.
  • Mrs D Englezakis was handed over the properties by the wily and deceitful Mr. S Neophytou Englezakis, who abandoned her without any funds in London and flew to South Africa in order to be with his loved ones and to benefit from the good life on offer to persons of his mentality to others.
  • No sooner had the wily departed and a solicitor sent a bill, for allegedly legitimate legal costs. The bill was in respect of work allegedly, executed diligently by the solicitors, for and on behalf of Mr. & Mrs. Englezakis. Needless to say the solicitors had been INSTRUCTED BY NONE OTHER THAN THE WILY & CONNIVING (with others) Mr. Sotirios Neofytou Englezakis to make such demands of the abandoned wife and bereaved mother.
  • All and everything part and parcel of what is on offer through the corrupters of society in an allegedly civilised Democracy, one that allegedly rests and is founded on principles of Law and Order.
  • The second image on the right is of an unsigned document appearing to be an email that apparently was sent by one friend / buddy to another. In other words NOTHING OFFICIAL ABOUT IT. Let this observation be a lesson to the idiot who indulged and forwarded the print, an original, not a copy, to Mr A. Yiannides.
  • For the benefit of the Head of Benefits & Finance we publish below the Tenancy Agreement as signed by the mate / buddy of Mr Adam James. Behind the last none other but the irresponsible Head of the Department who simply failed to address the issues pointed out by Mr Andrew Yiannides. Nothing unusual from within the confines of the powerhouse organising the lives of the serfs in the Republic of Harigey.
  • Visitors, readers and researchers should access the explicit letter to the police; it was delivered to the centre of operations for the Borough, in order for the Commander personally to attend to the issues raised and pointed to, in the letter.
  • Citizens who have been victims of the Police, the Social Services, the Legal Circles, the Courts Services and Judicial Chair occupants will benefit by accessing the Affidavit to which visitors are pointed, from the top of most pages, including this page.
  • The facts covered in the affidavit are but typical of the activities, the convenient defaults, the blunt failings of alleged servanst of the public and the law. Nothing but arrogant creation of false states & records in which alleged servants of the Law and the citizens indulge routinely as unaccountable 'Lords & Masters of the Serfs, the taxpayers', in a pseudo-democracy.

Letter from Adam James
hcbltdar.jpg (149580 bytes)
Below printout of an unsigned communication purportedly constituting legitimate evidence in support of whatever Mr. James was used to sell to the targeted serfs. All and everything organised by criminals who engage consciously in creation of the New World Order Code of Ethics & Morals.
ememail1.jpg (118997 bytes)
The mark in the left margin of the document, as received, denoting emphasis from the mate of the person, one is to assume to have been the author of the aspersions by the author & blunt idiotic promotions by an alleged public servants, and an illiterate in law.

The evidence, an explicit letter and the first Tenancy Agreement, as signed by the tenants, is published in the public domain (*Link from here [*L] to it - below).The evidence is published for the benefit of other VICTIMS OF THE ORGANISED FRAUD ON THE SERFS & THE CORRUPTION OF MORONS who fall to the ploys of the network operators, the organisers of Crimes Incorporated United Kingdom Unlimited Enterprises. (CIUKU Enterprises)

The first image below is of the letter when delivering the Tenancy Agreement to the young couple who subsequently acted as stated / covered in the letters we publish, in the public domain, for the benefit of the international jury.

Delivering the Tenancy estad05r.jpg (109176 bytes)

Tenancy Page1eltbta1r.jpg (136624 bytes) Tenancy Page2eltbta2r.jpg (150353 bytes) Tenancy Page3eltbta3r.jpg (143944 bytes) Tenancy Page4eltbta4r.jpg (152348 bytes) Tenancy Page5eltbta5r.jpg (144728 bytes) Tenancy Page6eltbta6r.jpg (140345 bytes) Tenancy Page7eltbta7r.jpg (48157 bytes)

Witness to the Tenancy Agreement (page6 image), none other but the allegedly tricky character, the brother of the targeted for 'special treatment serf'. The content of the letter to the tenants, first image on the left above, was / very clear. [*Link to the content of the letter below]

We expect of the abusers of public office at Haringey to reconsider their mentality and to cease entertaining invitations from third parties to impose damages on targeted citizens, whom they treat as 'serfs' of the Middle Ages and as covered in the explicit affidavit published in our pages, and as the extract from the research and extensive work of the late Stephen Knight. [*Link from here [*L] to extract *Link also from here [*L] to the stated realities on affidavit]

6th October 2005

Mr S Y Tobias-Browne & Ms Emma-Louise Finlay
68f Rathcoole Gardens
N8 9PN

My Ref.      Tenancy Agreement
Your Ref.    Need for confirmation


Dear Mr Tobias-Browne & Ms Finlay

Re: Tenancy Agreeemnt and undertaking to offer first refusal to you for 68g when finished.

Attached hereto duly completed and signed rental agreement in respect of your occupation of the first floor at 68 Rathcoole Gardens, London N8 9PN. (Flat 68f)

I trust that you are finding everything to be in order, as agreed and inspected.

Please note that arrangments have been made for British Gas to attend to the premises and the rest of the building in order to conduct the usual annual inspection for the central heating and other gas appliances at the building. Mr. Andrew Yiannides (my brother) or I will be attending at the time and there will be no need for you to take time off from work. In the event that you may wish for us to raise or point to the engineers anything that may be of concern to you please let us know as soon as possible.

Do further note that under the contracts I am to enter with British Gas you will be in a position to contact directly British Gas for the Services I am to secure for the premises. Do note that the service contracts are to include also all plumbing at the building.

I take this opportunity to confirm my undertaking to offer, to you, first refusal for the ground floor flat at the building, when the works are completed and all is in order. for occupation.


Mrs. D Englezakis

The letter dated 26th June 2006, below, was necessitated after the arrogant and abusive tenants indulged themselves for the umpteenth time.
  • An explicit letter was delivered to the local police, dated 4th September 2006, inviting the Commander to attend to the issues raised. It was delivered by hand and a signature was secured for the delivery. [*Link from here [*L] to the letter]
  • It had become clear that the very same evil forces that were retained in the past, in order to deny to 'the serfs' protection assured under the law, more than likely were to be relied upon by the organisers behind the new foul & evil manner with which the two arrogant dreamers, had indulged as of occupation of the first floor flat.
  • The content of the letter dated 26th June to the tenants in HTML format, below (images on the right) dealt with the mentality, the arrogance and the liberties they indulged in as used stooges who were relying on the usual invisible services by the Local Authority and the local police.
  • The image below (in the pink frame) is an image image of an envelope establishing the fact that the foul mouthed and evil tenants had been fed with all manner of vile aspersions without foundations, which they were promoting as if factual. Of such activities >>> FRAUDULENT REPRESENTATIONS INTENDED TO SERVE CRIMINALS, THE CORE ELEMENT behind Crimes Incorporated United Kingdom Unlimited : * CIUKU * Enterprises. And as ALWAYS reliance on the legal circles, the police and the judiciary the engines sustaining it all.  
eltbjn1r.jpg (146258 bytes)
Only dreamers would expect of the police to respond let alone act, as their duties command.
eltbjn2r.jpg (108545 bytes)
Putting it all on record the priority of the serfs targeted for special treatment by abusers of public office & facilities.

26 June 2006



Mr. S. Tobias-Browne & Ms. Emma-Louise Finchlay
68g Rathcoole Gardens
N8 9NB




Our Ref:   68gJn06n
Your Ref: Tenancy Agreement




Dear Mr T-Brown & Ms. E-L Finchlay


Re: Tenancy  Agreement  & continued attitude towards your obligations.



I refer, first to the latest of a series of issues that gave rise to the need for this communication.

ltybrepr.jpg (31044 bytes)
The envelope as returned by the postal services after the builder failed to sign for it. Arrogant New World Order bred & conditioned modern day citizens of UK & cie. Morals & Ethics as instilled in the created, the encouraged & used for the alternative tongues society. All and everything care of and through the public services sector. New World Order products promoting all manner of falsehoods and slanderous rubbish so long as it served theirs & or the vile plans of others who breed and use such fraudsters.... citizens.
FACTS & RUTH when supported with solid evidence cannot be ignored.

1.      You telephoned Friday evening, 16th instant to announce that after locking yourselves out in the back garden you had to break the lower glass panel of the door in order to gain access to the flat. Setting aside the manner with which you proceeded to announce consequential problems as regards security and insurance cover, 10 days on you have as yet to attend to the breakage.  Mr. T-Brown as a professional person engaged in property management the failure to contact a locksmith in the first instance, before embarking in the damages you caused to the door, and the failure to contact me or my brother should you have failed to secure prompt locksmith services, exhibited yet more failings in addition to what has been a run of never ending inappropriate, inconsiderate and unwarranted promotions in respect of matters and issues which in no way related to the landlord.

2.      I attach hereto true copy of an envelope that was returned by the postal service because the intended recipient failed to sign for it by asserting that the letter was sent to the wrong address. The recipient was the rogue builder who was reported also to the Council's Trading Standards & Services department. In the circumstances we suggest that you show the copy to the neighbour who you asserted informed you of the derogatory and slanderous allegations which the rogue building contractor allegedly promoted to the anonymous neighbour. I need only state, yet again, that the promotion of hearsay allegations by professionals was and remain careless if not wilful and recklessly ill-advised. Secure an apology from the neighbour whom you credited with the promotion of concocted fabrications or a written and signed statement by the promoter of lies.

3.      I turn now to the need that arose as of the time when you wished to move from the first floor flat to the ground floor flat. At the time you called an electrical contractor to put right the work that was not satisfactory and not in conformity with the essential BS specifications. You did so after assuring us of the credentials of the person you instructed because you were in a hurry and the electrical contractor who executed the work initially, failed to attend to our invitations to attend to the problem. You Mr. T-Brown instructed the electrical contractor / electrician whom, you stated, your firm / the firm / estate agency, you work for, uses regularly. You deducted from due rents payments you made to the electrician, along with other deductions that E-L Finchlay listed inclusive of expenses E-L Finchlay recorded as payments to her sister for cleaning the flat and such 'liberties' taken without any reference and or agreement with the landlady.

4.      I cannot but refer to the delays in meeting your contractual obligations (due monthly rent) and the arguments advanced in respect of the Local Authority charges (Council Tax) and the 'excessive costs (as you put it) in respect of gas consumption that Emma-Louise complained of. In respect of the first issue that we refer to here I was informed by my bankers that the last cheque you dropped on the due date was cleared by your bankers without problems, albeit late because of the bank's practices.

5.      The above issues collectively point to attitudes that are not conducive to good tenant - landlord relationships. Specifically, because of the manner with which I was spoken to, ten days ago, for the umpteenth time I add, plus the ongoing failures to attend to the inexcusable and unjustified glass breakage left me no option but to request of you to look for alternative accommodation, We are arranging for all of the flats to be shown to prospective tenants by a local agency we used in the past and to that effect please note that we expect of you to accommodate requests by the agent who will be contacting you whenever the agency may wish to show the ground floor flat, you occupy, at reasonable hours in your presence, naturally.

6.      In the meantime please note that the usual TWO MONTHS NOTICE is considered adequate and in the event that you may wish to vacate the flat sooner inform us accordingly and notify the agent, who will be contacting you in due course.

7.      It is imperative that you attend to the broken glass forthwith and in the event that you fail to inform us that the work is in hand and that the replacement will be in place within, say a week from the day you receive this letter (by hand delivery), the work will be put in hand by us. A deduction will be made from the deposit held and you must not attempt to rely on use of the deposit for and in respect of due rents, especially since you have to account for the recent shortfall in your rent remittance while you carry on failing to justify past inexcusable and unjustified shortfalls.




Andrew Yiannides
Agent For Mrs. D. Englezakis

ENCL.  Photocopy as per text.


Mrs. Despina Englezakis



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