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   JOIN  other victims and challengers, On Line. Work with others for the challenges that can lead to open and shut cases for crimes against humanity, through the exposures you can help each other put together in the public domain.
    Work for the common good with other genuine victims / challengers.
   There exist too many actors of the calibre and mentality of persons who misrepresent themselves  as allegedly concerned citizens.
   Such persons have been at it for far too long.
   Read the letter from such a person - image below - & Andrew's fair comments to the issues raised by the content of the letter - in a page linked to from here.
   Read the material in this page & the text on the right and access the letter we refer to, in the other page.
   Thereafter conclude as to the realities you read of and about, in respect of the minefields within the courts and the ancillary services that are managed by the creators of CIUKU Enterprises, through such persons as the persons we name, write of and challenge, as indeed we do, in this page.

Image of the letter sent by Mr Norman Scarth to Andrew after attempting with his chums, to impose his and his associates' evil ways on Mr Andrew Yiannides, of human-rights, in breach of the agreement he entered into with Andrew
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Fair comment & some of the activities which Mr Scarth conveniently failed to consider while composing his letter are pointed to in the main window on the page we created after Mr Scarth indulged in breaches of trust. Note please the Reservations for there EXIST AND AROSE OTHER ISSUES, that will BE REVEALED at a later date.

The visitors' attention is drawn to the words attributed to Jesus Christ, by the editors / creators of The Gospel according to St. Luke. Access His words to the lawyers, some 2000 years ago. Many the dignitaries over the two millennia who shared His views [*Link from here to the quotes page].

BELOW the creme de la creme.

One solicitor to another "Oh, no, we do not want an offer from you for the damages you caused to our client. We expect of the taxpayers to make good the damages AND OUR CLIENT AGREES WITH US. He decided to join 'the fraudsters club' for the usual operations through the courts. We can all (the legal circles) point him to our victims, just as we pointed the one who initiated him in our system of operations".
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Let the above realities be a lesson to non-legal Members of Parliament and to other charlatans whose plans are to cash in / use the system as is just like the fraudsters club recruits we name in our pages.

The letter below relates to the fact that the Department of Trade & Industry were asked to address the issue of ONE POINT SIX BILLION POUNDS STERLING deficit by the Solicitors Indemnity Fund. Visitors should read it and consider the implications WHEN SOLICITORS actually engage in blunt and arrogant fraud, as we cover & point to in an exclusive page which page everyone we name and expose never addressed as unfounded and or imaginary, simply because the evidence cannot be buried in the sand alongside the heads of the maligned we name & expose as persons who fell in love with blunt fraud through abuse of the courts facilities.  Page 1
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Page 2
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Consider the assertions and promotions by officers of the DTI. Ask, " WHY was the SIF allowed to carry on 'trading', by the financial institutions?'. More often than not they are working hand in hand with the legal circles when THEY ARE DEFRAUDING 'the serfs' of their properties through reciprocal arrangements & VIA ABUSE OF THE COURTS FACILITIES  (*Links to cases)  

Below Evidence that persons named in our pages are fully aware of the fact that they are indulging in the free for all that is instigated and managed by and through the courts. In short THEY ARE ALL engaged in the rampant fraud on the taxpayers through abuse of the courts' facilities while promoting crocodile tears for the naive they target and they are pointed to by others who so engage too.
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The media promoting a cause for Summonsing Mr Geoffrey Scriven to court. At the time Johan Michael Foenander, a pro-active fraudsters club recruit set about 'creating a bundle of documents for promotion as evidence to be used 'in case attempts were  afoot to declare Mr G Scriven a 'Vexatious Litigant'. Most interesting the assertion in view of the fact that such a facility IS THE PLOY used by and for persons who go for the double fraud on the taxpayers arrangements in place. Convenient 'orders' to excuse & justify (to the naive and gullible) the silence of the accessories and abettors to the rampant fraud and corruption through the courts
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For an insight into the minds of such persons as the LIPS crowd/mob fraudsters club recruits READ the letter from Mr J M Foenander to Mr G H Scriven above.(*Link)  






Some UKMM Realties *Page created April. 2008 - Released August 2008*

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Last Revised on June 20, 2012
Site under reconstruction - ongoing additions and improvements

The FACTS STATED IN THIS PAGE SHOULD AWAKE all thinking and concerned 'humans' to the realities that caused Andrew, the founder of *human-rights* (NGO), to conclude that charlatans such as Norman Scarth and his soul-mates, within the LIPS Crowd/mob, and other alleged legal gurus who attach themselves to victims of Institutionally Organised Fraud Through the Courts, ARE THE RELIABLE MORTAR USED by the builders of such states where RAMPANT FRAUD & CORRUPTION rule supreme. Artificially created (*F1) states are but the building blocks used by the master craftsmen who specialise in such creations - pseudo-experts / pseudo-challengers (*Link to lists) who ARE OPERATING, from within, the system AS IS'.

VISITORS ARE URGED to access and READ THE IMPORTANT update and ADDENDA we were obliged to introduce in January 2002. We had no choice but to REPORT THE CRIMES TO THE TREASURY; our observations and knowledge of the constructive frauds, in which the LIPS introduction was engaging, made us accessories if we kept quiet.Many the alleged victims who work towards the implementation of 'the schemes organised by the abductors and rapists of Justice, the Goddess. Some even arrange to end up in prison in order to set up operations and to act as the inmate we received information of and about from one John Harper who has not updated us on the issues he reported. You will find the addenda statement at the top of the Updated Pages File. We are sure that you will share with us our concerns and most profound disappointment at and with persons who adopt and promote activities which they know are nothing but downright crimes. We refer to our exclusive page where we expose (as conscientious law abiding citizens) the Confidentiality Between Fraudsters that exists care of the BEST OPEN SECRET. We emphasise the fact that the scheme could not possibly be maintained without the readiness of maintenance engineers of the mentality of charlatans and fraudsters of the LIPS crowd/mob and their affiliate associates managing other fraudsters club recruits.

Guidelines on Navigating through the extensive material: access instructions.  

The email exchanges below serve as a springboard through which to challenge and expose set-ups and groups of victims that are organised, managed and controlled by persons who serve other interests than the assertions and proclamations they promote to the suckers they entice in the beehives of intrigue and deception-aplenty they engage in. Readers, researchers and victims should access the extract we published in our pages with permission from the recipient of the letter sent by a solicitor in March 2003 to a client. (*F2)

UKMM : the email exchanges in July 2005 EXPOSED much.

From : Andrew Yiannides: <>
Message-ID: <
Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2005 17:03:18 +0100 Message-ID: <>
To:      Barry Worrall <>
Cc:        William Coulson <>, Paul Duddy <>, George McAuley <>, Dave Ellison <>, Chris Fogarty <>
From:   Andrew Yiannides <>
Subject: Re: Your HUMAN RIGHTS website - references to UKMM. <007301c58be8$3dbc95d0$0201a8c0@barryworrall>
In-Reply-To: <007301c58be8$3dbc95d0$0201a8c0@barryworrall> MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type:   text/plain;charset=us-ascii;format=flowed User-Agent: Turnpike/6.01-U (<bu6vmlv3epdqa5ysx7kxpuava+>)

Dear Barry
I do address you (above) as you signed your communication (below) and not out of familiarity. I never ignored your arrogant command NOT to be put in the embarrassing position of HAVING TO DEAL with the realities of life, Mr B. Worrall.
This REPLY is treated as a group REPLY and it will be used for other purposes, in view of the issues that I cover and raise below. I trust that you will, FOR ONCE, address issues that you are pointed to, and, that you do not engage in your usual 'ostrich acts' and 'Can't see it - Can't be bothered' tactics'.
Your objections, to the material you assert to be false or erratic, are noted.
In the circumstances, and in line with our declared policy, these exchanges will be published in the public domain, our pages.
We are to do so BECAUSE THE POLICY IS GENUINE. It is unlike that of and from the puke production machine Mr James Todd.
We are sure that you are familiar with his promise and undertaking at the top of his regular 'VOMIT' * promotions of the state as is *, that reach many by fax and are published, also, on the Internet pages and in the newsgroups.
Your posting, observations/comments will be published TOGETHER with the response and the CHALLENGES BELOW in an explicit and PROMINENT page. The page will deal with the issues OPENLY and it will be for the jury at large, the citizens - whom persons of your mentality and selfish arrogance treat as 'serfs. Or as 'shitizens' to be used for 'personal plans' alone, and NOT AS EQUALS UNDER THE LAW - to consider, by themselves, as to the true and REAL intentions of the parties, yourselves and my person.
Your ARROGANCE is beyond belief.
You pretend innocent when you darn well know that YOU WERE and got involved in plenty of misinformation, WILFUL & MALIGNED SUPPRESSION OF THE REALITIES that YOU & YOUR affiliates and associates allege that YOU are (?) concerned about.
In the past you naively and ARROGANTLY asserted that you do NOT wish to receive any postings covering such matters as YOU ALLEGEDLY (and your affiliates / associates, also, allege) ARE CONCERNED WITH OR ABOUT.
You are simply reminded that your wishes were respected.
NOW, CAN YOU PLEASE, forward to me any details of ANY POSTINGS ANYWHERE (at any time) and in particular to those whom you and your affiliates TARGET (also on instructions from third parties / other persons who target, and allegedly organise and guide / help those whom they target) in connection with the FACTS COVERED BELOW?
I am particularly interested in, and look forward to receiving, your views on the following POSITIVE ASSAULTS ON THE ABUSERS of public office and facilities, judges / courts. In case you miss the point, I am referring to 'Public (!) Servants (?) who are maintained by successive governments ((other Public (!) Servants (?)) in an allegedly civilised Democracy.
Any one 'gifted with some grey matter' should / can recognise that I am referring to pseudo-democracy, in reality, THANKS to the media barons and persons LIKE YOU, who, with intent suppress information from 'the serfs', the TAXPAYERS.
I am referring above to those public (!) servants (?) WHO DEFRAUD PEOPLE OF THEIR ASSETS * on top of their legal rights *, SYSTEMATICALLY:
1. The 'heads I win and tails you loose' pleadings in Len Miskulin's case.
Anyone gifted with some grey matter should have recognised that it was all DIRECTED AT THE LEGAL CIRCLES and the 'Eve' whom they were using in that instance, as in millions of other cases.
Inform me please of:-
(a) Your knowledge and understanding of the equality of the sexes under Article 14, since you are an alleged expert on the provisions of the European Convention FOR Human Rights. (I bear in mind your posting to me AFTER Dave Ellison pointed to the uk-human-rights web-site.
In case you forgot, you came in FROM THE COLD, with your part in the case of parents and chastising / punishing their own children - the right to discipline and instil 'obedience to rules' such as TELLING IT AS IT IS - 'the truth').
(b) Inform me also of your knowledge and understanding of the BASIC TENETS and provisions under the various Partnerships Acts.
2. Again in Len Miskulin's case, let me have details of any postings and references to those you were / are allegedly assisting.
I am referring to persons whom you are guiding IN & FOR THEIR RIGHTS & DUTIES, as provided by law.
I relate the aforesaid to and in respect of * the CHALLENGES * in connection with the hot potato that was born of the transfer of Len's case from the Royal Courts of Justice to some junior, who then indulged by issuing an allegedly legitimate court Order.
Do access the letters published and pointed to, in our pages.
Frankly I could not care less if Dave Ellison or Len Miskulin were to use and promote the challenges, simply and because of other give-away signs, early on in the contacts / relationship with the * lbduk * 'leaders'.
In case you missed the page / material, the evidence of the challenges is at:
(NOTE: In the event that it be asserted that you were not made aware of the challenges, IT SURE SAYS ENOUGH ABOUT YOU and your attitude towards the needs of 'the serfs' you target, not to mention THE PERSON (or persons) who drew your attention to the material in the human-rights pages).
3. MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL, I am most anxious to find out IF EVER you informed those whom you allegedly care and are concerned about (the victim men of) the divorce industry. Yes * industry *, because that is what it is in essence, and the flagship of Crimes Incorporated United Kingdom Unlimited - CIUKU Enterprises - as maintained by persons of YOUR mentality, care of YOUR wilful suppression of FACTS and or, if knowledgeable of applicable law, your reckless suppression of the rights of those whom you allegedly care about, and not use for other purposes.
I refer (draw your attention) to the issue of the suicides among the men who ARE TARGETED and ruined by the fraudsters who have been managing the so-called Child Support Agency*. [*Link from here to a news item]
YOU DID RECEIVE INFORMATION and I did * cause * Len Miskulin to publish an explicit document (copy of records from the CSA) at the web-site. THAT DOCUMENT was secured by human-rights when I used a woman (girl AFTER she turned 18) for a number of reasons you could NEVER fathom out.
Through the specific document that Len Miskulin published at * *, the CSA and its officers / staff exposed their convenient invisible services to a person (others who can afford invisible services are known to have benefited) who WAS NEVER TARGETED & NEVER PERSECUTED.
Even though he (that father) should have been, the simple fact happens to be that he was not 'persecuted / prosecuted'. That father could afford to pay towards the maintenance of his only child, but YOU Mr Barry Worrall, as a taxpayer, although you were made aware of the fact that the mother and child were SUBSIDISED THROUGH Family Income Supplement, you did nothing.
All the while that 'well connected 'father / man / male' was 'conveniently never persecuted and the victims of denial of rights were, BOTH FEMALE / WOMEN, supported - through imposed TAX contributions.(on Mr & Mrs. Average).
Despite the aforesaid FACTS, you, as an allegedly concerned person about the WRONGS IMPOSED ON MEN (even the organisation you are part of makes an issue of the discrimination AGAINST MEN) nonetheless YOU COULD NOT CARE LESS and wilfully suppressed such realities from 'the men' you allegedly assist and guide.
There is much more that I could point out and demand explanations from a 'generous with his silence person of your mentality' but I refrain from doing so at this point in time.
I refrain, because the three issues above, if NOT ATTENDED TO BY YOU now, will carry on pointing to YOUR REAL INTENTIONS ABOUT THE RIGHTS OF THE MEN YOU ALLEGEDLY are concerned about.
Should that prove to be the case, AFTER you receive this response, it shall be safely assumed that it is all because none of the victim-men you assist, never paid taxes towards the maintenance of fraudsters and criminals in public office.
ABOVE ALL, it will be a sure indication that you do not give a damn about the billions paid out in 'alleged' compensation as covered in the page that YOU NEVER ADDRESSED as an allegedly concerned citizen, and never mind if male, female, transsexual or otherwise...... just as a taxpayer.
I challenge and dare you to access and give us your expert and considered views on the arrangements in place for THE CONSECUTIVE CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUDS THROUGH THE COURTS. I refer to the page:
I interject below.
In message <007301c58be8$3dbc95d0$0201a8c0@barryworrall>, Barry Worrall writes :
> Dear webmaster,
> I've just read your pages at :

Surprised I am *N*O*T* (spelled out for you).
> The UKMM, myself and Ian Kelly are referred to in derogatory terms, which we do not agree with.

The truth is never agreeable to defaulters and persons who fail those whom they allegedly are concerned about. The evidence will be released and 'the serfs' you have been MISLEADING will be afforded the opportunity to make up their own minds. The present invitations and challenges (above) happen to be * the way for you * to 'reconsider your mentality and attitude:
Explain your reckless suppression of FACTS & REALITIES in the courts as opposed to the relentless NEGATIVES which persons of your mentality PROMOTE RELENTLESSLY, which leads to the well-founded conclusion of: "Subliminal Indoctrination Operatives At Work'.
Set yourself on record and on track as a genuinely concerned person instead of an abuser of trust and or 'a security sift / thrifty with the truth, actor'.
> Your website is very unclear as to what it is you are complaining
Mr Barry Worrall, it is NOT a case of any particular complaint. BUT It is a case of introduction to THE FACTS, to THE REALITIES, to the PRACTICES AND to the OPERATIVES and MAINTENANCE ENGINEERS (such as you) of 'the system as is'.
> about
apart from corruption, etc., and plenty of it as part of INSTITUTIONALLY ORGANISED ACTIVITIES that are directed at * the sons of MEN *.
> We also are concerned for such matters.
> It appears you may have contacted UKMM
No Mr. Barry Worrall. Persons from the UKMM * contacted ME out of the blue *. The two that I spoke to, at the time, were / are the one's mentioned in the pages at the site and now, in your posting.
> at some point
WHEN OTHERS directed the audacious UKMM self-assured non-thinkers to contact me with a fictitious scenario as background.
> but been disappointed
I was not in any way interested in the INVITATION that reached me out of the blue, because:
A. The allegedly concerned organisers of 'the serfs and suckers' they were / are misleading WERE NOT ANYWHERE except in their private little world of mischief and 'invisible support services' FOR THE MAINTENANCE OF THE SYSTEM AS IS.
B. I, personally had been MAKING HEADWAY in the public domain and on the Internet, where victims could / can learn about their rights and THE POSITIVE RESULTS ABOUT WORK FOR THE RIGHTS OF * THE SONS OF MEN * (humans = *thinkers*, as opposed to the evil ones; those who came down and are running around causing men to FALL FOR the different and 'personal interests' that maintain the 'different tongues ploy' in place ever since the creators of the creator concocted that scenario and such scripts *for the sons of men*.
> with the result.
Dream on, audacious and arrogant Mr Barry Worrall. I did NOT FALL to the naive invitation BECAUSE I was out there, IN THE OPEN, on the Internet. Above all, I did not wish to relate, let alone have anything to do with charlatans. Besides, the way that the dreamers addressed their communication and * invitation to me * GAVE MORE THAN THE TRUE COLOURS OF THE ORGANISERS / MANAGERS OF UKMM, away.
The only way they could have come to know of what was afoot (for this son of a man) was from or via the managers and organisers of the Litigants In Person Society.
ONLY * that bunch of maintenance engineers of the system as is * had my address recorded, as the UKMM used when addressing their invitation, to me. And that record of, at and by the LIPS crowd/mob as of the time WHEN the LIPS crowd/mob managers CONTACTED ME..... because of the flyer (allegedly) by 'The CAMILA Project'.
You should access the *.org/camilahp.htm* page and after you have considered the propositions (which matters allegedly drew the charlatans leading / using 'the serfs' they target, to my person and work) AND I REQUEST THAT YOU FURNISH ME WITH ANY INFORMATION that can establish you EVER cared or did anything about such matters.
The simple fact is that the LIPS charlatans who CONTACTED ME, because allegedly they were to co-operate (with my proposals) in the scheme and plans FOR THE VICTIMS of INSTITUTIONALLY ORGANISED FRAUD THROUGH THE COURTS, never acted as they asserted when they contacted me, back in 1992. (There will be more revelations about their evil and maligned activities in due course).
> We have little resources,
And I heard of 'a legacy', a few thousand pounds that was never accounted for by the managers and controllers of the UKMM / MANKIND twin / clone enterprising activities. I refer to any activities that allegedly were/are directed at helping the victims of Institutionally Organised Fraud & CORRUPTION OF SOCIETIES.
Do NOTE THE PLURAL because everywhere, where the Western 'culture and civilisation' in pseudo-democratic states of governance prevails, SO IT IS 'for the sons of men'.
> and this probably explains your disappointment.
Believe me, there was NO CHANCE for DISAPPOINTMENT and after-effects because the targeted 'serf' was no sucker or mug. Those who gave 'advance information' to the UKMM were already under investigation (by me) and I HAD BEEN LOOKING INTO THE ACTIVITIES OF SUCH GROUPS AND THEIR MANAGERS since 1992.
I set myself on that track soon after the LIPS crowd/mobsters established (through their defaults and activities) their true colours and THEIR AIMS FOR THE VICTIMS OF THE FRAUD THROUGH THE COURTS.
Odd it was not that they (and all other groups and managers of groups) never consider(ed) one simple factor: "What elements behind the response from the government in waiting (opposition / New Labour) in 1995, to an *idiot* (?) WHOM YOU & YOUR COLLEAGUES erroneously assumed that you could assist in what WAS TO BE GOING HIS WAY IN THE FUTURE.
(NOTE: Soon you, and all others who allegedly have been and are concerned, about the wrongs imposed on humans, (thinkers, not just 'the serfs and shitizens') will be learning of and accessing WHAT 'this son of a man' was up to and collating for over 33 years, now)
>However we do not wish to be referred to as "charlatans" etc.
You might perhaps oblige me and furnish me with PROOF that you ever did ANYTHING POSITIVE towards the essential need to cause 'the organisers of the constructively engineered FRAUDS THROUGH THE COURTS', to reconsider their evil activities.
ABOVE ALL, prove your alleged concerns about corruption by addressing the practices and the elements EXPOSED EXCLUSIVELY by me at:
Incidentally, I do not expect of you to address the PRACTICES EXPOSED (in the page) as an alleged leader / manager of the affairs of the men-victims that you and your set-up target.
BUT I DO EXPECT OF YOU TO ADDRESS THE ISSUES AS A TAXPAYER, if you ever paid taxes, an element that you can access in our pages, AND IN DUE COURSE you will be reading of what activities are organised through that 'public services' sector.
In the meantime I suggest that you access:
Consider the rights of citizens in a truly civilised DEMOCRATICALLY RUN STATE OF GOVERNANCE.
>Will you tell us you are, and remove the statements about UKMM from the website.
WHY should I behave as you do?
How dare you seek of me to BURY THE REALITIES and the truths, LIKE YOU and those who affiliate / associate with the UKMM do?
Furnish me with any proof that you have ever informed 'the serfs', whom you allegedly are assisting about their rights as I ask of you to do. Do not overlook the challenge to state your understanding and comprehension of Article 14 and the Partnerships Acts. Furnish me. also, with ANY proof that you EVER:
1. CONSIDERED the Provisions under the Theft Acts, as pointed to and clarified at:
SPECIFICALLY the brief clarification / application of 'Parliament's Law' that relates to ACCOUNTABILITY for instruments that lead to pecuniary advantage FOR third persons.
2. POINTED TO the positives published at the site and specifically THE STATED FACTS with the results in the page:
3. ADDRESSED any of the issues you were pointed to (as an alleged guru on matters legal), as readily as you sent out YOUR MALIGNED, 'remove from this list' RESPONSES to postings of the very serious issues you allegedly were / are concerned with and about.
> Barry.
> Barry Worrall
> tel: (+44) (0)191 285 5629
> email: 

Andrew Yiannides NDD., ACFI., ATI., FNAAAS
Founder * human-rights * (NGO)
London - UK
20th July 2005

IF you wish to forward any private FAX communications in respect of the above requests / demands, let me know and I will furnish you with a number. In case you followed the email exchanges between Dr. K Badsha and John Charville when they both attempted to draw me into their petty squabbling by referring to my person and my work (to one another) in a positive and complementary way, you will appreciate why NOW, I am affording to you the opportunity to either change direction or COME CLEAN as MY RESPONSE TO YOUR COMPLAINTS ABOUT THE MILD TOUCHES OF THE TRUTH of the matters and the roles of mischievous 'maintenance engineers' who.....
I request that you ask of George McA to let you know of what he wrote to me in an email about 'fear to expose the protected who can afford invisible services'.

THESE LAST COUPLE OF PARAGRAPHS are NOT (for the time being) scheduled for inclusion in the page planned for the parts played by the managers / leaders / gurus of the UKMM 'in misleading the men they target and USE for their own selfish ends'.

Do read the attachment to the signature below and IF YOU CAN COMPREHEND THE IMPLICATION let me know. If on the other hand you cannot, seek assistance from anyone who CAN understand such a straight forward ASSERTION & PROVISION for the managers and employees of "Crimes Incorporated United Kingdom Unlimited' (CIUKU Enterprises) by non-elected fraudsters
AY -- webmaster

FOR 'the rampant FRAUD & CORRUPTION in most 'civilised states' access the exclusive page:
For PROOF of the collaboration, between the Executive & the Administrative read below the explicit arrangements for 'the serfs':
"The court has inherent jurisdiction to stay an ACTION which MUST FAIL; as for instance, an action brought in respect of an act of State."
The above qualify: 'Criminals are in control in pseudo-democratic states'.


    1.    *Link from here to email exchanges with a pro-active victim of the Divorce Industry, as organised by alleged Servants of the Public and abusers of trust and public office. Of  such issues and elements the realities we cover in our pages. The parts of allegedly concerned 'managers and controllers of victims sucked into organised centres, the priorities of which are not and never were to challenge the abusers of trust and the courts facilities, as we do. Read of such realities and recognise the elements such persons serve besides their personal greed for silver and power over the suckers they target anf use in tandem with the abusers of trust, public office and the legal system.*Link also from here to another page where we publish evidence in respect of another organised group of abusers of trust. Their priority was and remains to target, to accost and to coerce victims of the abused courts' facilities (to some of whom they are also pointed by agents & others who collaborate with the legal circles and abusers of the courts facilities to simply aim for the REWARDS UNDER THE TABLE we covered in our explicit & exclusive page, such 'leaders buried in the sand, alongside their heads. Their only interest chasing the cash under the table REWARDS TO THE COERCED & 'conditioned victims' of the ORGANISED CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUD THROUGH ABUSE OF THE COURTS FACILITIES, we address and expose in our exclusive page *accessed from here.
    2.   *Link from here to the page where we publish an extract ffom a solicitor to client, relative to disagreements and concerns between persons who had different ideas about the states imposed on divorced fathers. We publish the extract with permission from the owner, the client, because of the realities the solicitor addressed at the time. The visitor will be better served to access the extract after reading the content of thjis page. Victims of the legal circles and the Law Enforcment Agemncies / public servant who are familiar with the practices of alleged servanst of the law and the public,  have first GE e content of this page is read and consider after to xxx
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